pĂdurea comunitară cama

The way we imagine the world has an immediate impact on how we take care of it.

— Gille Clement
Padurea Comunitara Cama Campaign Poster, Mockup, Blue
context and approach

Cama Community Forest is a partnership that promotes education, culture, and ecology for the youth, while also encouraging a connection to the natural heritage.

They requested my help in creating a modern and progressive brand in a cultural context that is non receptive to responsibility and action. I developed a smart and playful brand that promotes environmental and social awareness. And although the audience is diverse, I brought the focus on the younger generation, as it is they who will most benefit from the project.

Padurea Comunitara Cama Webpage Gif and Mockup on laptop
Padurea Comunitara Cama Illustration Information Board
Brand identity

Cama forest will be a forest near Giurgiu city center, home to a rich variety of plants, birds and fish. It will become a central point for ecological education, a place for the local community to gather and a destination for leisure activities outdoors.

I build the logo of PCC on two of the characteristic species of the area and as the forest will be the space of workshops for children, I supported this scholastic side of the brand with elements reminiscent of school-style Post-it boards in bright colours, combined with oversized leaves for playfulness.

Padurea Comunitara Cama Campaign Leaflet Blue GreenPadurea Comunitara Cama Stickers
Facebook Page Cover for Padurea Comunitara Cama
Marketing Leaflet for Padurea Comunitara Cama
Typography and color palette

The social movement involved in realizing this project, as well as the movement of the willow leaves blowing in the wind, are reflected in the typography of the logo.

The brand's information and overall voice are conveyed by the Grotesk typeface, which is both round and serious, yet playful. I proposed three main colors to represent the brand's core: the forest, the water, and the earth. PCC is a warm place with plenty of green life and tranquil water.

brand typography, Padurea Comunitara Cama, Grotesk

The digital campaigns and the website are organized into three main sections that provide a comprehensive overview of the organisation's mission and goals.

They highlight the future consequences of taking action now. By providing compelling evidence of the benefits of conservation efforts, PCC encourages its audience to take action and make a difference. Through my work in facilitating this projects, I have helped PCC to effectively communicate its vision and inspire people to take action in the digital sphere and beyond.

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Social media Campaign, Padurea Comunitara Cama
Ambassador Campaign Facebook Cover Padurea Comunitara Cama

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