Chocolate Factory

Taste, like identity, has value only when there are differences.

— Carlo Petrini

Chocolat Factory is the Expert Chocolatier based in Catalunya. They focus on quality, work from bean to bar and generate a unique, complete and attractive user experiences with every campaign they launch. This project is a campaign for chocolate bar customisation, aimed at engaging their customers in the process and making them brand assets.

Campaign Gif Que Chocolate te sientes hoy
Concept Taste and Emotions Chocolate Customisation CampaignNight Poster Lightup Barcelona Street View
Street Campaign Chocolates
Brand identity

The concept Para gustos, ¡Chocolates! is a reference to the multiplicity of options you have to create your own bar. The options are endless and they depend on your taste and choice. To convey this value I created nine combinations of flavors and feelings coupled with daily emotions, serving as examples in a multiplicity of options. Each bar has a design, a color, a name and a combination of ingredients according to mood.

The original art works are the creations ofBelgian painter Nina Minneba.

Customised Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar Campaign Gif
Bus Stop Poster Chocolate Campaign
Chocolate Types, bar customisation campaign

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