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In a photograph, things exist more intensely than in reality.

— Ralph Gibson
context and approach

Adina Ilie is a professional photographer who works with portraiture, e-commerce, and architecture. She needed to revamp her website and update her personal branding to appeal to her main audience: small business owners, professionals, and creatives.

She wanted to build trust and expertise with a breath of freshness and colour. Her identity gravitates towards elegance, openness and dynamism. I created a logo that speaks of the colourful spectrum of personalities that interact with the photographer and her work, and matched it with an elegant typography for the name.

Photography Gallery, Website Section, Adina Ilie Photography Branding
Adina Ilie Photography Business Card Mockup
Adina Ilie Branding Strap
web design

With her audience in mind, I decided to rework the copy to ensure that the correct message was conveyed. I focused on the brand promise and restructured the content to make it easy to navigate and understand.

Additionally, I highlighted the different types of services that Adina offers and ensured that the website not only serves as a portfolio, but also as a means to generate more business opportunities.

Photographic Series Landing Page Adina Ilie Photography
Services Page Website Video Adina Ilie Branding
Photography Services Mobile View Adina Ilie Services
Typography and color palette

Adina's voice is warm and dignified. I transferred that feeling to the name's typeface by using Masvol, a modern, yet classic serif type. My aim was to create an elegant design with a touch of modernity. The colours I chose are energising and powerful, just like the interactions that create Adina's working landscape.

Branding Colours Adina Ilie Photography
Adina Ilie Branding Typographies

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