festa del grafisme

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

— Mark Twain

Festa del Grafisme is a small annual gathering, thought of as a common ground for graphic and adjacent arts, completely open and informal. The event hosts talks, exhibitions and workshops taking place over the last week of summer in Portbou, a small village on the Catalan coast.

The main ingredients of the Festa are essential to its purpose and shape. It is unusual, both in approach and form. The activities take place on the streets, on the beach, or on the train platform; there is cooking, dancing, playing. It is far from the city and far from its norms.

Poster for Festa del Grafisme Event BrandingBus Station Poster Mockup for Festa del Grafisme.
Gif Banner Festa del Grafisme Event Branding
Event Programme Leaflet Festa del Grafisme.
Brand identity

Together with the team, we took this idea of peculiarity and walked with it along Portbou, discovering the event and its quirky personality and realised it is almost as a dream experience, where commonality and time stop and transport us to a different space time reality.

Event Info Card Festa del GrafismeBranded Bag for Festa del Grafisme.
Branded Street Flags Festa del Grafisme.
Screen Clip Festa del Grafisme
Typography and color palette

From that we composed a narrative, used a storytelling typography and manner, mixed with a monotype in burned skin color that relates the factual side of things (like the sun and summer burned skin). It is hard to tell reality from dream flashes. The sun makes its way through the streets of Portbou in mapping the village with key locations for the Festa.

Event Full Programme Festa del Grafisme,
Festa del Grafisme Ticket Mockup

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